Pro Con – Prescription Drugs

The pro/con side of prescription drugs being advertise on live television is damaging our health care system and is not good for citizens of America. The United States and New Zealand are the only countries that advertises prescription drugs thru televised ads. Several billion dollars a year are spent for advertising that shouldn’t be used, advertising the drugs only damages the country because people abuse these drugs to there advantage. The money that is used for the commercial ads should be used for more research on cancer for example. The government should be worrying about diseases and condition that kills people with the billions of dollars on advertisement.  Ads on drugs doesn’t improve our health care system by just constantly giving patients drug after drug. I think we should stop advertising drugs on television, it misleads us. The symptoms of some of these drugs are bad, therefore we need another drug to stop the other drug from causing more pain, which lead to more drugs. This article gives us both sides of the argument and its neutral and it is unbiased. The website displays four videos, two are for televised drugs the other is against it, which makes it neutral/unbiased. Should the we continue to advertise these drugs just to improve our economy rather than the actual people who lives in it? Has anybody you know in your family or friends has gotten a prescription drug of a television ad? Should all doctors recommend the medicine/drugs citizens see on television?

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